Typing On A Keyboard

//Typing On A Keyboard

Today, much of our written communication is done through the use of electronic communication channels, such as email and social media, by typing on a keyboard. While being able to type on a keyboard is a skill in itself, which is important to develop, the mental and physical actions required by the act of typing contribute little to the learning process.
When we are typing on a keyboard, our brain focuses on the key we want to press and its location on the keyboard. When the location of the key has been determined, the ‘pressing’ action is the same for each letter of the alphabet. The brain is not required to think of anything more than about the key’s location and the physical action required to press that key.
So, the key’s location on the keyboard is the only differentiation required for each letter of the alphabet. With practice, most of us can type relatively quickly with little thought about the actual words we are typing.

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